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Think outside the box.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Thinking outside the box equals getting ahead.

What does it take to get ahead in today's marketing world? Some smart thinking, apparently. Consumer’s today encounter from 3,500 to 5,000 marketing messages per day, vs. 500 to 2,000 in the 1970s, says J. Walker Smith, president of consumer and marketing watcher Yankelovich. Today’s technology is giving marketers a run for their money. From social media to mobile devices, time-pressed consumers have many more choices and control over what they tune in or tune out. Even though advertisers increased spending 10% to $140 billion last year as reported by TNS Media Intelligence, that onslaught may just be turning all marketing messages into a bunch of hullabaloo that reaches no one. At Solutions in Print, LLC, we believe in today's business world an entrepreneur has to push the envelope with his marketing message if he wants to stand out from the competition. Unfortunately, most people are hesitant to take chances. Most people look to see how others market and do the same. Most marketing is boring and gets poor results so you have to be different. Being different will offend some people but your job is not to make others happy. Believe us when we say “if your marketing doesn’t stand out, only mediocre results ensue”. We aren’t suggesting going out of your way to purposely antagonize people. So, what do we mean by "offend people"? Simply, just do something that others wouldn't do. Take Measurable Solutions, a Florida-based physical therapy consulting firm for example - one that made the Entrepreneur Hot 100 List and one of the fastest-growing newest businesses in the nation. Their marketing message that helped them hit the big-time was Get New Patients Out the Wazoo! 'Wazoo' may have offended a few people, but it was one of their most successful direct mail postcards to date. Some other simple out-of-the-box principles are: 1) Come up with a bunch of ideas and try them out - but fast. Slow, conservative testing doesn't always work. Try one, try another and another - if one doesn't work, move on. As the saying goes "perfect is the enemy of good"; don't wait until it's perfect. Be good and get your ideas out. 2) Start simple and test. Push out another idea and test. Always track your response and your sales results - keep track of those analytics. Metrics are marketing's best friend. You have to know before you continue to go. Try a simple, Postcard marketing test. Pick a target market you want to go after, craft a message that stands out, and get it out there. Track the results and tweak the design or copy if you have to. If it bombs go to another target market or try a different message. The best approach is to start simple and build from there.

Direct mail is one of the most cost effective marketing mediums out there.

Studies show that, on average, every dollar spent on Direct Mail advertising brings in $12.57 in sales. - Source: The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), The Power of Direct Marketing, 2009-2010 - See more at:

3) Find out what other people are doing in your industry and do something different. It's not always advisable to follow the "Monkey See, Monkey Do" mimicry theory. With today’s technology, supply and demand and other key business factors are moving at such a fast clip, pioneer businesses can be overtaken in the race for profits. When a competitor decides to provide the same product or service, starts tweaking for better marketing, and doing more of it, the originals can be left behind. If You're In the Box - How Do You Get Out? One thing you can do to get out of the box, is get an idea of how other industries have innovated their marketing. Study up on innovative marketing campaigns. Burger King, Blockbuster, Pepsi One, Mini Cooper, Anheuser-Busch are examples of well-known companies that have had to think outside-the-box to lure more potential buyers. Here are three ideas you can start with:

• Offer a bold promise or guarantee - most people don't ever do this. • Make an outlandish comment. • Mail oversize direct mail pieces.

We believe anything is worth testing. If something is working, keep doing it while testing something else. When you start thinking outside the box, the sky is the limit. Certainly, there is the cost factor and it has to be cost-effective, but you still have to try and test something. Others will if you won’t.

At Solutions in Print, LLC we offer a variety of print marketing products, promotional products and display signage that will help you along the way. Give us a call. We’re here to help.

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