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Do they remember you?

In the world of digital and social media marketing, print marketing can seem quaint. However, ignoring print marketing is a big mistake to make, as it is still a large element of business success. Some businesses may survive without doing any print marketing, but chances are good that they could do better if they did use print marketing. There are many good reasons you shouldn’t ignore print marketing when you’re developing your advertising strategies – here are just a few!

Help people remember you at events.

Are you promoting your small business at an event? Whether you operate primarily online or in a physical location, you need to help people remember you. Everything from business cards to flyers can be handed out at an event, but if you just give someone your email address verbally, they’re very likely to just forget you. Are you setting up a booth at a convention? You can certainly incorporate online marketing aspects like giving discounts or free items in exchange for social media posts, but a physical bookmark, flyer, or brochure still goes a long way.

Send direct mail to current and future customers. You may think direct mail advertising has seemingly gone the way of the dinosaurs, but not so fast… it still exists. You may find local business or those you've done business with in the past, sending you mail still, and you likely still look at it. Mailers help spread the word to customers who otherwise wouldn’t find you, and they can thank your existing customers or let them know that you’re still around.

Put up Posters, Flyers or other Display Signage. Are you advertising at a local business hub, or do you need something to put up in your store? Print marketing includes these types of jobs, and there’s nothing like a professional design if you’re trying to get people to come into your store, go to your website or give you a call to ask about your products and services. Posters, flyers or other display signage just don’t look the same when you try to type them out using Word.

Network with other business professionals.

Some businesses think that the above tips don’t apply to them, since they don’t have a physical business to advertise and they tend to provide services that are “too niche” for direct mail. They heavily depend on networking. Networking with other business professionals and service providers is an important and reliable way of getting work, however, an added plus is using print marketing in order to get your message across and ensure fellow professionals respect and remember you.

Small business marketing still relies on print marketing, so if you aren’t taking advantage of it, you’re putting the cart before the horse. It may seem counter intuitive, but with the proliferation of social media marketing, print marketing has become an even better way of appearing professional and improving your status as an expert in your niche. Consider combining professional print marketing with your glowing personality and you just may experience greater results.

Once you try a print marketing campaign, or at least supplementing online and digital campaigns with print elements, you won’t go back. Print marketing has been around for quite some time now, and its unlikely to fade out anytime soon.

Call today to discuss how we can help you be remembered.

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